Jannik F. Kokkvoll
Jannik can often be found tinkering with electronics or implementing some new bugs in one of his projects - long into the AM.. He's also one of the founders of Rotaro and LOVES racing and flying super fast!
Robin W. Karlsen
Robin is a coolheaded, nice guy with a love for flying hard! One of the founders of Rotaro and also one of the pioneers in the Norwegian quadcopter scene and is one to watch during the races with his insanely fast turns and stupid-crazy speed!
Guttorm Dyregrov
Guttorm is a really talented pilot, always showing off new tricks and stunts. He's one of those that takes one look at someone performing a trick, repeats it perfectly while also improving upon it and incorporates it in his flow. Keep an eye out for this pilot and hit him up on the tubes or facebook!
Håvar Robertsen
Håvar has a long experience in RC - long before quadcopters came about, which can be seen in both his perfect control and flow behind the sticks, but also in his perfect and clean builds! Håvar has a next level state of mind when flying where everything just clicks and his flow and flying goes from insane to godlike!
Mikael Jakhelln
Mike flies as his name implies, his love for minimalistic frames pared with overpowered motors shines through in his style of flying. Mike has a background in computer science and you can often find him helping n00bs with field repairs.
Ole Kristian Larsen
Aoello is a man of many talents, father, husband, drone racer and probably the smoothest freestyle pilot in Rotaro. He is also our lead graphic designer. With a keen eye and attention to detail it is no surprise that his style is butter smooth, just like his smile.
Johan Ohlanders
The golden voice of the team! Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster as Johans sweet tunes will cheer you right up when you crash and destroy your quad then crush your spirit the next second as he laps you for the 3rd time while singing 'I've got the blues..!'
Kristoffer Berdal
In the old days there were wizards of magic. Today there's Flexd! Wizard of all things awesome, computers, coding, hacking and 'how the hell does his quad still fly!?'. Flexd always complains about his batteries sagging, but that's just how it is when you have throttle on a switch!
Øystein Berg
Øystein is a super talented, pasionate pilot! We don't know what's worse, getting lapped by Øystein again and again - or his crazy quirky laugh while doing so! Definitely one to watch during the races!
Kjetil Andreassen
If the Norwegian FPV racing scene had a face, it'd be the face of Kjetil 'LokiFPV'! It's hard to not smile when you're around this norwegian, quad-flying version of Speedy Gonzales! An awesome pilot with an awesome personality!
Mister Ex
Mr.X doesn't even know who he is himself

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